Moone Family

Deep Passion

Twenty-five years ago when I bought this land I thought of all the potential for a vineyard on the slope behind the property.  About ten years ago it became possible to purchase one acre in the agricultural preserve if it adjoins a lot. So the vineyard was purchased and the planting began in 2010.

Moone – The Wine Journey

“In wine there is truth… you can’t just talk about it, it has to be in the bottle!” – Mike Moone

In many ways I was predestined to be in the world of wine. I had a 100 bottle wine cellar in my UCLA fraternity house. I joined Beringer in 1973, later leading the acquisition of Beringer, Chateau St. Jean and Staggs leap. I founded Luna Vineyards in 1995 on Silverado Trail. So now I have begun my 43rd harvest.

“If you’re not dreaming of the future life becomes short.” – Mike Moone