Volcanic Vines

The name of the vineyard comes from the extremely rocky slope, west to east, which is just right for one thousand vines. The vineyard is located just below the Atlas Peek AVA. This unique microclimate, with direct sun exposure averaging 8-10 hours a day, allows for even ripening of the fruit. Cool marine breezes arrive late afternoon, balancing the fruit and sugar levels. The grapes are small with lots of juice. This hillside vineyard produces small, concentrated grapes of deep currant flavors, with hints of minerality and rich, black cherry characteristics enhanced by the lava rock. The vines are planted to clone 533-root stock, on a southeast facing terraced vineyard, amidst large boulders dating back over 10,000 years.

“Moone one thousand vines will always remain the wine of the vineyard, plus small amounts for blending. I only want what the vineyard does – I want it to be special.” Mike Moone